NaPoWriMo #11

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

(a collaboration with Todd Colby) 

Energetic Hygiene 

On the ocean’s floor, there remains a turbulence 
near certain rifts. The way a child's psyche reverberates 
after a long trip to another state, or anyone's notion of being 
a citizen of anything that requires language and intent.  
Once you read about cathected desire and imagined 
modern dancers, Merce Cunningham Mercing about. 
Anymore, all you can think of is breaking rocks with 
hammers, the occasional odd job, and deep fried dietetic donuts. 
When you leap and stretch and hover in the air, 
it's mostly in that space before sleeping with the angels
which the medicated syrup helps with, a lot.
If desire is the engine, you'll want to take care not to ride 
the clutch, and remember your spacewalk was concluded
after you nearly drowned in your own suit. The pressure 
down here is dazzling. By the way, would you mind
picking up a couple avocados on your way home?
It's hard to end it now that we've agreed on all the menus. 

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