NaPoWriMo #6

Friday, April 06, 2018

The Keening

I have a note about this somewhere
on my phone, the suffering of women, 
a mother leaning against the kitchen counter
in her sunbathing bikini, screaming over
and over and unable to stop, until she sees
her teenage daughter and just stops.
Never mentions it again. 

Who has had what scraped out of her
is a question we could ask.  All that blood.
Men are such chickens and could never
do it. Taking it all into themselves
& transmuting it into life, death, tumors, clots.

I have never been one to find women’s bodies
grotesque.  That scene in The Shining that terrifies
a child, the beautiful woman falling old.
Now when I see it, I think, It’s just a woman.
His whole big horror was just embracing 
the woman’s changing body.  

It’s where we all came from, Jack. It’s where 
we’ll all end up.  These latest transformations are 
a doozy, but that’s the transformation of consciousness, 
the feeling of feeling it all.  How if I began
keening now I would not stop.

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