Stain of Poetry

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Come out on Friday 6/29 for what promises to be a stellar reading from poets Loren Erdrich + Rebecca Howell + Monica Hand + Aubrie Marrin.

Friday 6/29 will be my first official Stain of Poetry reading as co-host/curator with J. Hope SteinJenny Zhang is the third new host joining us later this summer.  I'm excited to be working on this series with these lovely people, and I'm excited for Friday's reading!

Stain was founded in 2006 by Ana Bozicevic and Amy King, and the the series was taken over in 2010 by Christie Ann Reynolds, Steven Karl, and Erika Moya.  More information about past and current hosts can be found here.    


Friday, June 22, 2012

It's Cyndi Lauper's birthday!    

Some News

Sunday, June 17, 2012

[drawing by Bronwynne Cornish, from "Where the Bear Went" exhibit, Vermont Studio Center, May 2012]

1.  I'm honored to have a poem in RealPoetik today.

2.  I'll be reading with some poetry luminaries at the Popsickle Festival in Brooklyn on Saturday June 23rd.  Along with the brilliant David King, I'm representing the journal Lyre Lyre.  (Thanks, Lyres!)

3.  On July 21st, I'll also be reading in the Second Annual New York City Poetry Festival on Governors Island, representing the journal Ping Pong.

4.  The Stain of Poetry reading series will also be represented at Popsickle and the NYC Poetry Festival, and starting this summer, I am one of the curators of Stain.
Runner-up for L Magazine‘s “2011 Best Reading Series” in Brooklyn, Stain of Poetry showcases a mix of ”weirdo and beautiful poets,” (BlackBook magazine).  Readings are held on the last Friday of every month (7 – 9 p.m.) at the beloved Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn.   The series is curated by poets Erika Moya, Joanna Penn Cooper, Jenny Zhang, and  J. Hope Stein.

Former hosts include founders Amy King and Ana Bozicevic, as well as Christie Ann Reynolds and Steven Karl.

Upcoming events (lots more in the works)
Popsickle Festival – June 23
Hosts:  Erika Moya, Joanna Penn Cooper
Readers:  Jenny Zhang, Mike Lala, Dan Magers
NYC Poetry Festival - July 21–  2:40 on The Algonquin
Hosts:  Joanna Penn Cooper, J. Hope Stein
Readers:  Melissa Broder, Todd Colby, Claire Donato

5.  I had a wonderful time at the Vermont Studio Center.  I'm still processing the experience and revisiting the work I did there.  I will post more photos at some point.  I have some good art, people, and river pictures. 

6.  More exciting developments are underway, including a collaborative chapbook with Todd Colby.  Also, I'm going to see Prometheus today, as my requisite summer blockbuster.  I'll keep you posted.

7.  There's a small gray bird with a long, flat tail that keeps landing on the tree outside my window.  What kind of bird might that be?


Monday, June 04, 2012

1.  Reading nest.
2.  I will need new sneakers to face these challenges.
3.  Decaf skim latte weather.
4.  Visible river-bottom rocks as koan.
5.  Generative possibilities.
6.  Driver 8, take a break.  We can reach our destination. 
     But it's still a ways away. 
7.  Be as visionary as you like in your spare time.  

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