Sunday, August 09, 2009

I remember that some people had pictures of Jesus in their houses or talked about Jesus a lot or about whether things were sins. Maybe they were Baptists. We never talked about Jesus. We were Lutherans, except really we were nothing because we never went to church. I was only Lutheran when I stayed with my grandmother. Even then, she and I would go to Lutheran church one weekend and Catholic church the next because she was thinking things over.

One Baptist lady, some kid's mother, asked me on the stairs if I was a woman yet. I said, "Uh, no. I'm only ten." Then the kid whispered, "She means did you get your period yet." And I said, "I'm only ten." The woman gave me a smug smile and told me that her daughter-- a strangely polite girl with short curly brown hair-- was already a woman. I felt bad for the girl for that and for having that mother. I felt bad for Jesus, looking out over our heads as we stood there on the stairs in a duplex down the road from my apartment building.


  1. Weird. Reminds me of that part when Maya Angelou was a kid and laughed so hard she peed. Oh, religion and bodily functions...

    Follow my blog, lady. I tried "following" yours, but didn't know how.

  2. Nice blog, e. I hope you watched the clip from "The Awful Truth." Cary Grant steals the scene just by making a bemused face. Good luck apartment hunting!!


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