Good night, Inwood

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Good night remembering to bless my toast and jam.

Good night trees out there in upper Manhattan where Jim Carroll used to be. Good night one tree in Isham Park that spreads its branches out benevolent like that, so that I greeted it the day after he died and said, "And goodbye, Jim. I feel you there."

Good night lit-up dark in my bedroom.

Good night noise under my sink. Whatever you are, you'd better git.

Good night perfect pitch.

Good night imagined photographs.

Good night "poems or prose poems or prose?"

Good night ringing ear.

Good night traffic noise.

Good night Kronos Quartet.

Good night boy I saw being bullied on his way to the library. (Going to the lie-bary again? You're always going to the lie-bary.) Good night library boy. Good night.


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