April 20th poem (A day behind . . .)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Observations, Inwood Hill Park

1. Very small child with denim skirt, striped orange tights, and preternaturally long hair: "It's like a land of birds over here."

2. Light green trees across the top of a black cliff out beyond the bridge. The cliff's fancy hairdo.

3. Duck couple.

4. Bronx-Manhattan car bridge noise, on the Not George Washington Bridge.

5. Man speaking Dutch to his bulldog. Bulldog speaking back with snorting noises.

6. River's full today and doing that shimmer-shimmer-this-is-your-consciousness thing.

7. Tiny round-headed person, a baby, trying to imitate a jogger, then lurching in another direction, toddling over like a drunk politician to greet a lady on a bench.

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