I Have a Few Questions for You

Thursday, December 02, 2010

(with apologies to Uncle Walt)

Aren't we all just tigers and lambs with austere mullets, serious zebras with Elvis hairdos?

Don't you have something better to do with your mortal time?

Didn't you eat a bagel half with wondrous capers, red onion, etc.? Wasn't the going difficult-- all that chewing-- and blessed?

Have you studied so long to be one of them? Have you been born enough?

Isn't there always a stray remark lurking to help you plumb the depths?

Didn't you tense your shoulders in gladness, keeping them near your ears?

Weren't you always one of the chosen?

Weren't you a pilgrim alone, with only mysterious racket to keep you company (that hammering, that slamming vault door, that phantom semi honking)?

Didn't you glimpse the curve of the road through the newly bare trees and wonder what amphitheater this was now? Didn't you then recognize the road and say, "Oh, it's the road"?

Didn't the lion lie down with the lamb? Weren't both of them you?

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