Movies I've Watched in 2011 So Far

Thursday, January 13, 2011

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Exit Through the Gift Shop [First movie of 2011. Interesting-ish; hoax-ish]
Shutter Island [better than I thought it would be]
Alice in Wonderland [eh]
Precious [eek!]
Audrey Rose [1970s supernatural thriller with a very creepy Anthony Hopkins]
Moon [Sam Rockwell. Sam Rockwell. Sam Rockwell.]
Stephen Fry in America [BBC series. I love the way he talks.]
Patti Smith: Dream of Life [I liked watching her paint and seeing her talk to her parents.]
Monty Python: Almost the Truth [delightful documentary watched with my delightful friend in Boston]

I also just watched American Masters: Jeff Bridges. I see some Starman in my future. Maybe American Heart. The Fisher King? [And: How much do I love The Last Picture Show? A lot.]


  1. Last PIcture Show is also in my top five. Definitely.

    Will you be able to keep up this pace once classes start??

  2. Yes, Last Picture Show is in my top five, too.

    There is no way I will keep up this pace once classes start! (Or maybe I should just look into teaching some film classes . . .)


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