Ready as a Lever

Friday, February 11, 2011

[for Todd Colby]

I’m building a sled from popsicle sticks

I’m wearing the jacket of the lamb, sliding

into a town near you to do the dance of glory, the Get-

Ready Man as my witness, for now, more than ever,

we all need a witness. In former times, we all of

us gathered in paddocks to witness the power

and the glory of the jive of the dance of perseverance

and rocking out. These days, it’s just me across town

watching you across town in videos online, rocking out.

I’m setting out to leave out of here on the “departure”

portion of my journey. Get ready, man. Stay tuned

in. I may need you as a witness. Pretty soon—

popsicle sticks everywhere.


  1. awesome!
    i'd follow you into the dark.

  2. Thanks, "Margot"!

    Wait, is that a Twilight reference? :)

  3. I'll be your witness. Your sled is ready!

  4. Thank you, Todd.


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