Five for Thursday

Thursday, May 05, 2011

1.  Last day of classes at Fordham.
2.  A Handmade Museum by Brenda Coultas
3.  Meetings with students.  They always look different up close. 
4.  There's always one student on a laptop in the Poetry Room at the Fordham library, and she's always wearing really strong perfume, and always frowns and looks puzzled when you come in to look at the poetry books.
5.  Rehearsal with Secret Orchestra.  At their next performance, I am reading a poem by S. Tanigawa as part of a composition by the trio's piano player, Yuko Fujiyama.  At one point, Yuko was like, "Here you can just improvise some sounds."  And I was like, "Improvise? Sounds??"

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