Good News from Sunday

Monday, June 13, 2011

1.  Sitting in a window eating sushi and udon noodles.
2.  Two ten year-old boys eating at a table by themselves, a serious look about them.
3.  On a bench in the evening eating plain frozen yogurt with blueberries. (That good, slightly sour kind of frozen yogurt.)
4.  The Upper West Side couple who walked by with their toddler perched in that high kind of stroller (the kind for running?).  The toddler's face lit up by the iphone he was looking at. 
5.  The Argentinian cab driver who asked me where I'm from and then asked if Myrtle Beach is in North Carolina or South Carolina.
6.  A "small-boned woman dressed as a jackal" on a movie set in my friend's apartment.
7.  Getting in bed with Carrie Fisher's memoir.  She had famous parents like me, except mine aren't famous.  

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