To Whom It May Concern

Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm writing to inform you of my qualifications on this sunny day inside
wearing silent headphones, a small white feather stuck to one foot.
I can hear that tree clearing its throat outside my fifth floor walk-up.
I can see all this packing and half unpacking of boxes as a compulsive
metaphor for how we're all of us always moving, always learning
it all the freaking time:  How to lose how to lose how to lose.
How to know the dark leather gloss of July leaves and let them go.
How to wear the crown of love and fresh pita for lunch and let it go.
My life is not a plastic hamster ball.  My life is not that refugee song.
Not any more than anyone else's.  I've cured myself of being
so meta, or else I've embraced it.  Either way I'm wearing
the crown. Either way, we're all wearing the crown.

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