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Friday, February 24, 2012

Here are some recent goings-on:

Last week, I read in the Earshot reading series, along with my friend J. Hope Stein, whose poems are truly mesmerizing.  (Here is a lovely and intriguing interview with JHS herself.)

Also last week, Clif and I hosted a small potluck/informal salon.  One highlight was a mini-concert in my house by the band Whispering Tree (or most of the band), who Clif is now playing with.  We cleared out the bedroom and people presented their work in there.  How delightful.  How strange.

I have a few ongoing projects that I've been working on, including a collaborative artist's book with my friend John Fleischer, a Minneapolis-based visual artist.  There is also some poeming and prosing going on.  And some development/procurement, one hopes, of more freelance opportunities.  It's a time of many changes and (more and less) subtle shifts over here.  But then, I guess it always is?

And today-- today was oddly warm, and I left the house and went into "the city."  (Sometimes I don't leave Brooklyn for a while, and then I do and have this realization: "Oh, yeah.  The rest of New York . . .")  In the city, I got my bangs trimmed at Mudhoney by my cool stylist Ray-- with whom I've had some great conversations-- while listening to a rather intense haircutting soundtrack.  I believe Rob Zombie was involved.

What else?  Oh, I dearly needed clothes, so I went shopping.  Ugh.  I am sorry to report that shopping pains me.  But I found a few things, including this half-off coat, which I am calling (in my head) my Downton Abbey coat.  Do I need another coat for this winter that only sort of happened?  I'm not sure.

Next week, I'll go to Chicago for the AWP conference.  I'll participate in this reading, and I will also catch up with some dear friends.

Wow, February is almost over.  Strange, warm February.

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