April 20th poem

Sunday, April 20, 2014

I Have Hitched My Wagon to a Star 
(a collaboration with Todd Colby)

Here, I'll explain it to you with this white board. 
I'll mount it on a Show-Go-Round and make it revolve 
when I have another lesson to teach you. 
The kind you can sink your teeth into, as per your 
email sent to me on 4.2.14. And I quote: 
"There is a plausible heap in the works, 
that's why I am committed to the worst in you."
You will sing another tune when you learn
the truth of our situation, how I've tied
myself to you and tied this suitcase to my
wrist, as per your email on 4.12.09. And
I quote: "I can really talk to you, you know?"
On the other hand, there is nothing but blood meal
to consume in this cramped apartment, that and some
stewed carrots with rice (I know you love that).
Thus are we are tied to each other.  Thus do we wander 
through the desert.  Thus is some inexorable third entity
tied to my wrist, dragged along with us. Do you want 
a smoothie? Would you like an afternoon  alone with 
200 messages? What is "beyond unacceptable?"
You always understood me so well, even that time
you asked if I was a replicant or a star being from
outer space like Jeff Bridges in Star Man. 
But as I explained that fateful day: I get my news 
from cable & my wine from Trader Joe's.  I am 
only too human and fallible. Don't tug on the rope, dear

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