Cultivate and circulate

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Three things:

1.  Today I was in a horrible mood, and I made myself go for a nature walk, during which I began to feel better.  In fact, I received a prophecy from some sunbeams on my walk.  (See picture.)  The prophecy was something like, "What was that poem I wrote that used the word 'circulate'?  Look at that again."  I found it!  It's called "Our Biography," and I originally posted it on this blog.  Here.

2.  I have a new Instagram project (if such a thing exists) in which my friend Jessica Mesman Griffith and I post weird insights into the lives of melancholy moms.  Tips on creativity and mothering.   Not really.  It's more like if the troubled teens from Heavenly Creatures grew up to be disaffected Gen X mothers?  Er, maybe not.  Maybe it's about how to stay alive by allowing yourself to be inappropriately amused by that which you find unsettling?  I really need to work on my elevator pitch.  For my new Instagram account.      

3.  Here's an excerpt from the essay about my relationship with the Beatles I may or may not be working on:  The next day, Granny is peering out the front window at dusk to see who has a candle out for John, muttering, “I lit one for Kennedy, but I’m not lighting one for him.”

OK, good night!  Happy full moon, I guess.  

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