Perfect Bird

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

(a kind-of ghazal)

[poem was here]


  1. love it -- the title really makes it all come together. What kind of gazal were you doing? there are different kinds, i think

  2. Thanks, Christine! I looked up some stuff online about the form to refresh my memory, and then I followed some of the rules I found. The major one is to write separate couplets (at least five)that could each stand on their own, using approximately the same number of syllables. The first couplet is supposed to set the mood or introduce the theme (which usually has to do with loss or being separated from love), and the last one is supposed to be the poet's declaration on the subject and have the poet's signature (usually an inclusion of his or her name or pseudonym, which I didn't do). You're also supposed to rhyme the couplets and use meter, but I didn't do that for the most part, and often there is a refrain in which the last word of the first line is repeated in all second lines of the couplets . . . I was mostly interested the part about in sticking together mostly unrelated couplets that could stand on their own, as you can see. Just thought it would be a good exercise.

  3. “Oh, it’s just my brain chemicals."

    I love that. Hilarious. When does you chapbook come out???

  4. Ha. Thanks, Niko. I think it comes out in March . . . Is your book out?? I need to order a copy.


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