Initial thinking (for team review only)

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

1. Build some time in.
2. Cost per use.
3. Some other instrument or medium I can't describe. Something like a loom and a piano, a Mr. Microphone and a harp.
4. Pay attention to the voice-over.
5. Volunteers across all five boroughs.
6. Meaning is a shaky edifice.
7. A festival. Pieces of tin on our outfits; in our hair and teeth, stars.
8. On the subway stairs, vision of (a) cattle car and (b) melting ego.
9. Sliding the tiles around for the proper effect.
10. If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it.


  1. I concur. Possible issue with tin in teeth: the ores used in tin could cause pangs or tightness in stomach/groin area rendering the subject immobile. Just a thought. Hi.

  2. Thanks for reviewing, Todd. One note-- there was some deliberate ambiguity around tin on the outfits and "in our hair and teeth, stars." The stars would actually be different from the tin-- possibly figurative stars? But possibly not. The team may want to keep that item in the "vision" phase. Happy Thursday. Hi.


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