Thursday, May 20, 2010

When I was a teenager, I knew a thing or two. I stayed in my room being skinny and having bangs, listening to Bauhaus and lifting 3 lb. weights. I drew pretty good portraits of my own face. I learned to drive stick, and I would drive farther out into the suburbs to go to the mall and walk around drinking Dr. Pepper and chewing candy and being mildly disgusted with the all the . . . people, who seemed to be sinking of their own accord. All the way there, I’d look for the Eagles on the radio, in order to demonstrate that the Eagles are always on the radio and to further demonstrate that—for good or bad—my vocal range exactly matched that of one Don Henley. On the way back, I would listen to Heart or Fleetwood Mac, which reminded me of my childhood in the ‘70s, a time of honest belting and bad vibes. Boys at school would talk to me in class, and I guess I would just look at them or say something weird about The Sorrows of Young Werther or something, because after a while they’d get nervous and blurt out, “I guess that’s how people dress in Europe.” Then we’d both turn around, and class would start.


  1. I wonder if we'd have been friends back then...I'd probably have been jealous of you and seen you as COMPETITION for the Euro-coolness big fish in small pond syndrome I had. Glad I know you now that I'm more mature instead!

  2. K: Thank you!

    T: Yes, our adolescent coolness/snootiness/insecurity might not have meshed . . . But it would have been fun to have had you to hang out with around Kansas City in high school!


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