Thursday, September 08, 2011

Today I wrote road rode the bus to Montclair, NJ to fill out my HR paperwork.  I am teaching one class there this fall.  (American Poetry after 1945.)

Today I was very sleepy all day, and I ate dumb foods, like a croissant for lunch.

Today it rained and rained a lot at night just now, which is tonight.

Today I ordered Indian food from the place I like now, near me in Brooklyn now.  Gandhi Fine Indian Cuisine of Flatbush.  I have lived in my new place for a month and ten days, and I have ordered food from there four times, I think.  (Once for a visiting friend.)  The man who brings it said to me the second time, "I have been here before.  Do you remember me?" and he gave me a very sweet smile.  Yes.  Yes, I remember you.  Today we smiled sweetly at each other again, and I thought, "Please be careful on your way back."  Maybe he heard me think it.  It wasn't raining at that point.  Maybe a little miss. mist.  Careful.   

The rice pudding has a little tapioca in it, which I guess that sounds a little weird.  But so good.

This is how I sound at night after I was sleepy all day and it rained, and a croissant for lunch and a bus that sat there in the Lincoln Tunnel for a very long time (a short time, but an hour ride instead of twenty minutes, part of it in the tunnel).

This is what I look like when I'm tired like this.  (You don't want to see.)

But there was seafood korma and a salad we made at home, which someone cut up the vegetables for me for.  A few bites of rice pudding and the rest for tomorrow.

All of which sounds better if you think it over while you listen to this:


  1. I like the way you sound after this kind of today, but am sorry for the bus ride that contributed to that sounding that way.

  2. Thanks, Tracy! There's also a train. I think I'll end up taking a bus there and train back for my class. It's once a week.

  3. so glad you've discovered mimi & hugo largo...this record in particular sits high on the list of important recordings for me. tim sommer, the bass player for hugo largo, produced both drunken boat records, fyi. xo todd!

  4. thanks for the info, todd! yes, i'm glad to get to know about mimi and hugo largo. very cool. xo, hi.


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