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Friday, September 02, 2011

1.  I'm excited to have a poem in the recent issue of South Dakota Review.

2.  Another piece is forthcoming (next week!) in Everyday Genius

3.  I realized that Bernadette Mayer and Donald Revell will be the Visiting Writers during my four-week writing residency at the Vermont Studio Center next May.  Hey!

4.  I've picked up some poetry teaching for fall, in addition to the research work I'm doing.  (I'm doing some paid research work for another writer, as well as some research of my own into late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century spiritualism.)

5.  Keep me in mind if you need someone to do paid research, editing, or writing work.  I'm hoping to get a simple website up this fall about the services I can offer along these lines.  Meanwhile, you can find my resume here and academic cv here.   

6.  Some of my research/celebration of the season change involved going to the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp with my little brother last week when I was visiting Florida.  It was the site of a community of turn-of-the-century spiritualists, and now it's an isolated small town filled with psychics.  It is also, apparently, filled with spirit orbs that show up in photographs!  My brother and I tried unsuccessfully to photograph a spirit orb (see above).  

7.  Oh, dear.  Summer is ending.  But oh, my-- how I love fall. 

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