Posture of Victory

Thursday, November 03, 2011

(after Todd Colby)

Garrison Keillor tells a nice story
in his red shoes. But don’t talk to him
at the cafe.  He doesn’t want to be bothered.

Mint Green Pants
It’s true your brother would never get on board
with the dark clothes you tried to buy him. 
You break down and buy him colors.

Provoking Animals with Political Buttons
The student who uses the word “swaggerjacker”
also calls Audre Lorde “ballsy,” causing the mind
to stop, a minor fit of staring into space.   

Hibernation System
Who among us are great animals?
You call the cops about your missing property.
They are unhelpful, but do not beat you up.

Vanishing Point
Dream of the lady poets
like Macbeth witches, standing around
being supportive of your progress.

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