Wings of Desire

Friday, November 18, 2011

I’m thinking of becoming a full-time flaneur, moving
through the city at dusk or just before dusk and just after
dusk to notice things.  Thus, I cultivate the most angelic
eavesdroppy parts of my personality.  Exhibit A:
A young woman at the sushi place near St. Mark’s sets
a metal thermos next to her water glass, tells her friend,
I like to use this thermos to drink vodka in public
and also sometimes to drink tea.  I mark.  I bend to
my notebook and record.  This is my benediction, you
can tell by my large, shapeless overcoat and slicked-
back hair.  I mean the business of listening to the music
of the spheres, tilting my head like that, doing that most
difficult and beautiful job between light bouts
of bemused habitual scowling.  You’re welcome. 
Bless us all. 

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