Tuesday, December 06, 2011

I haven't posted in December yet (until now).

This week so far, I:

1.  Saw my mom and stepfather.  They got some special deal to stay at the Hilton in midtown, and as my mom and I rode the elevator, we talked about how she had a stain on her shirt and how maybe she was one of those super-wealthy people who dresses in an eccentric way.  Because you just never know.

2.  Rehearsed with J. Hope Stein, Clifton, and one of Clif's trio-mates, Yuko.  We're doing a collaborative piece for the New Year's Day Marathon at the Poetry Project.  

3.  Rode New Jersey Transit to teach in Montclair.  Class hasn't started yet.  Hi from Montclair! 

Some other things I might do this week:

1.  Work on one of my other collaborative projects.  (Poems with Todd, or poems and drawings with John, or poems and drawings with my brother.)

2.  Maybe I'll think some Christmas thoughts.  Mostly for me this involves listening to "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and baking something and buying a ticket to visit Florida.  And every year I imagine buying a Charlie Brown Christmas tree of my own, but then I just skip it and skip off to Florida.

3. Oh, and who knows what else.  I might do some yoga and take some vitamins to fortify myself for the coming adventures.

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