Tuesday, January 10, 2012

1.  Somebody found my blog by googling "poetry about elves."  Huzzah!

2.  I have somehow already lined up five readings for the new year, and I've already done two of them-- at the New Year's Day Marathon at St. Mark's Church (appearing with Secret Orchestra and J. Hope Stein, as one of 140-ish readers raising money for the Poetry Project) and at Upstairs at Erika's, my friend's poetry salon, along with some brilliant and soulful people.  There are some photos here

3.  My next reading is for the Earshot reading series on Thursday February 16th at Lolita Bar on Broome Street, appearing again with J. Hope Stein.  I read a couple of newish pieces at Erika's, but I'll try to have even a couple more new ones by February.  Poems.  Or prose poems.  Or these things I'm thinking of as "vignettes."  Huzzah, again! 

4.  I thought about putting my blog on a hiatus after my last post-- my 500th!  So, if I blog less, it is because I am working on other writing.  Or if I blog the same amount, then never mind.

5.  I am leaving tomorrow for a visit to my dear friend W. in the city of Boston.  HOPEfully I will not miss my bus this time due to a strange confluence of protests, Comic Con, and Q train flakiness.  (But here's a thing about the lovely view from the Q train.  It is lovely.  It makes me happy.)  

6.  What else?  I recently watched the Spalding Gray documentary above, which I was reminded of by this person's cool blog.  Oh, Spalding Gray.  I miss you, too.  [Also: Liz's blog is one of those blogs that gives you a sense (however constructed) of a life narrative, a life's setting and characters.  Should I blog more like that?  More-- I don't know?-- coherently?  Consistently?  Maybe I will.  Maybe one day.]

7.   Dear people.  Dear all of us.  It's almost mid-January.  Take a breath.  Sail on through in your way.  Be somebody.


  1. 6. there is a certain intrigue and mystery to your blog that might be lost if you gave it more of a narrative--it is clear to me from browsing through your blog that you are a poet, for example. it inspires me to read carefully, for clues. although, when i like people, i am curious about them, and i would get excited about setting and characters.

    7. thank you. i will require even more of this sort of thing in february.

  2. 6. thanks, liz. i like the idea of having intrigue and mystery. i think your blog has that, too, along with the setting and characters.

    7. you're welcome. i think we'll all require more of this sort of thing as the winter proceeds . . . at least those of us in the northeast. happy wednesday.


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