First Poem

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Oh, my descendants: life is strange when
you are still alive.    --Todd Colby, “Last Poem”

Oh, my descendants:
I write to you from the cusp
of a year when everything turned

like a movie in a primitive cave
with a German narrator

like a marketing genius
turned wandering mystic

[ . . . . ]

Oh, my sister:
You’re ok.  You’re human—

a transforming creature

sharpening your gaze
drawing out swords

[ . . . . ]

This year
let your eyes focus
then let them go wild

Eat the air


  1. love-love! the ending is fantastico! i watched werner herzog in that cave too on a flight to--you guessed it--germany-- dancing buffaloes!!!!
    one man gather's what another man spills.

  2. An excellent way to start the year!

  3. Thanks, you three! And Happy New Year!


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