Ten for Friday

Friday, March 09, 2012

1.  According to the show "Life after People," ten thousand years after people, wild horses will wander the shoreline of New York City.  They will be shorter in stature, though, than their equine forebears.

2.   Today I listened to Marc Maron's interview of Maria Bamford from a couple years ago on the WTF podcast.  Maria!  Bamford!

3.  I read Diane Keaton's memoir, and now I want to watch Reds, but you can't stream it, so I might have to watch Baby Boom.

4.  This is a look that is now called "ombre."
5.  At around the same time Diane Keaton looked like that, I looked like this:

6.  Then later in college, I too had ombre hair.  But not on purpose.  That was just my normal hair.

7.  I have updated my cv.  Also, I'm also thinking of calling my next book either Vita or News about My Plasma.  (A friend's suggestion after hearing this poem.)  Or maybe that's two books.    

8.  There are also one or two projects in the works for this summer.  Stay tuned.

9.  Meanwhile, I've been taking a lot of pictures of the sky.

10.   I am working behind the scenes, weaving together the narrative threads.  Spring ahead.

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