Life Drawing

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Reported to my brother that I went to life drawing this morning.  His response:  "Stop living the life of a Victorian ill person and get back to writing."  Fiine.  But I'm going back to life drawing at least once.  And I will be sunning myself in an Adirondack chair and taking in a slide lecture later, in addition to writing. 


  1. Aren't brothers interesting? I think he must have meant that as shorthand for an upper class Victorian woman with oodles of servants. And why does he think so few women artist's works (and poets' and writers' words)have been preserved from then and earlier?

  2. Yes, it's about me being upper-class and convalescent and 19th century. Too be fair, my brother spends a lot of time encouraging me in my writing, and I think he was just being funny and riffing on an earlier comment of my own.

    I often used to envy the lifestyles of upper-class (sometimes sickly) 19th century women I would read about in novels. All the letter-writing, drawing, piano playing, and visits. The downside of that scenario is having to struggle to have your creative production taken seriously, of course! (Also, the women who work as servants-- where is the concern for their possible artistic/intellectual contribution in that world?)


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