April 25th poem

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Fragments from April Notebook

All my attempts at April Fool's were wish fulfillment.  I was jetting off to Paris!  I had a fellowship in Iceland!  Goodbye, goodbye! 


Called my grandmother and she said, "You look like a frail little thing, but you're strong."  

My mind keeps walking the same paths.  I'm meditating on a bench by the Neckar with my mother.  My brother is a newborn.  We are supposed to see a lake in our mind's eyes.  To let the ripples come and go.  But I keep peeking to see if my brother is still in his carriage.  And anyway, we're sitting in front of an actual river.  

The ways of our people are subtle and various. 


Dream that Mick Jagger picked me up at a concert.  I thought we were going to be lovers, but he took me home and deposited me among the orphans his wife was caring for. 


Am I past the saving age?

Sign spotted along the highway: 

Best Bier

Stop Here

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