April 4th poem

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

[I will leave this one up.  My gift to you, with thanks.]

Transformation Is Never Easy 

I come from a people who are fond of saying things
like, "Your face is always changing throughout your lifetime.
Indeed, your looks can change from one day to the next."
So, that partly explains that.  This morning it was knocking
that woke me, and the options were (1) ghosts, (2) baby,
(3) boyfriend.  But I was alone by then and it was just an open
window in the next room sucking the door shut and shut
and partly open again.  Even if you hate the word "gift" as a verb,
I gift you this tree of tiny white blossoms out my window.  It's
making my eyes itch.  I gift you the idling truck sound,
how traffic is like the ocean until it isn't.  I gift you this portrait
of my face and its bird-eyed, good humored scowl, the way
it's always changing, having never learned to settle down.

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