I Am Pleased to Introduce My Brand

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hello, friends.  So, my good news is that a small Brooklyn press has expressed interest in publishing my first full-length book, tentatively titled How We Were Strangers.   I am currently working with an editor to revise and expand a manuscript of short lyrical prose pieces that exist somewhere at the intersection of prose poems, short short stories, and lyrical essays.  We're calling them lyrical shorts.  This is indeed a happy thing.  My other good news is that my four-week residency is coming up at the Vermont Studio Center, at which I hope to make headway on those revisions, as well as do some writing toward a second book. 

If you are able to help out, here is my indiegogo fundraising page to help raise money for my residency.  If you are not able to contribute money, I am also accepting contributions of friendship and support and good vibes my way, which some of you have long given me, unasked.  Thank you.  For real.   

Here is the first piece in what I hope will be my first full-length book:

I Am Pleased to Introduce My Brand

Sometimes you can help someone else through by plucking at the air around them until they feel revived.  The final step, though, is yours alone.  You may discover that no one appreciates the grace of a skateboarder quite like you do.  That your secret desire is to appear in a poster in the subway wearing green sequined underwear and own it.  We all need time alone before returning to the marketplace with words and gestures that others mirror back to us.  Some need more time than others, which is both blessing and curse.  Think Spiderman.  Think Witch of Blackbird Pond.  Most things happen at dusk.    Sometimes the trees will call you up a hill, particles slowing then turning counter-clockwise.  One.  Two.  Three.  When you let the drawing happen, that’s your brand right there.  A voice in your head like from a creepy ‘70s movie about kids who might be possessed or maybe were born that way.  Literal woods.  Literal dusk.  

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