How I Plan to Spend My Summer: A Ten-Point Working Plan (for tjc)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Draft submitted 5/17/09
by Joanna Penn Cooper, 
JPC Systems, Inc. 
For internal review by subject-matter experts and co-contractors only

Goals/methods/timeline/desired outcomes:

1.  Where is this light you speak of, head on the table, ecstatic then?
2.  Running shoes. 
3.  I have always enjoyed reading:  Voice, syntax, music, lexicon.  Evidence of other minds.
4.  How to take yourself seriously:  Take yourself seriously.  Why is anyone else so much greater than you?  They aren't.  Or they are.  Do your thing.  Your thing.  
5.  A certain loosening.  A certain rigor.  
6.  Breath + movement + observation.  Going away to come back. 
7.  Who do you report to?  Yourself.  No one cares if you make art. 
8.  Community. 
9.  Wake up early-ish. 
10.  Work three hours.  

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