Tips for the Conservation and Renewal of Vital Energies

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

(after Ron Padgett)

1.  Don’t worry about the dream you had that you bought a new pair of suede boots and they got ruined the same day.  You never actually bought the boots. 

2. “Don’t ponder others.”

3. Ponder the email from your grandmother in which she wrote, “Went to the closet in the back bedroom to find my tennis shoes for the summer. And saw a plastic bag on the floor.  Lo  !!!   it was the pics I have looked for for a few years.  The ones from the box we used to keep in the dining rm and look at when you all came home.  How strange.”

4.  Eat as many as fruits and vegetables as possible.  Eat a cookie if you want.

5.  Go out into the leaves.

6.  Collect cartoons and other drawings from friends.

7.  You may have been taken out on a sailboat on a very large lake more than once by someone kind, someone who liked you.  Let your mind touch lightly upon the rocking motion and the sound of water lapping. 

8.  Iced berry tea, agave nectar.  Some mint would be nice.

9.  You may consider a morning practice of Dragon’s Breath, standing with legs slightly bent, slightly apart, then swinging the torso forward toward the legs with a loud HA!  You may want to do this 12 times fast, until you are dizzy and laughing and stumbling around your bedroom.

10.  Gratitude for subway drivers.  (Engineers?)  Especially that one who gave you that funny smile that time as he pulled away from 215th Street.    

11.  Collect piquant impressions, but don’t be too acquisitive about it.  Very few need actually be recorded.

12.  Use words like “piquant” and “acquisitive.”  But use them sparingly.  


  1. Don't ponder your bangs.

  2. That's funny, elf.

  3. Your grandmother knows how to send e-mail??

  4. I bought her an email machine a few years ago. All it does is email. But for some reason, it stopped receiving emails and will only send them. (I tried to get it fixed, but I was told it was a problem in the phone line??) Anyway, she keeps it in the corner of her bedroom, covered with a scarf, and every once in a while, I receive a missive.


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