Part of Pip's fight with the pale young gentleman

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

  "Come and fight," said the pale young gentelman. 
     What could I do but follow him?  I have often asked myself the question since: but, what else could I do?  His manner was so final and I was so astonished, that I followed where he led, as if I had been under a spell.
  "Stop a minute, though," he said, wheeling round before we had gone many paces.  "I ought to give you a reason for fighting, too.  There it is!"  In a most irritating manner he instantly slapped his hands against one another, daintily flung one of his legs up behind him, pulled my hair, slapped his hands again, dipped his head, and butted it into my stomach.  
[. . . .]
  "Laws of the game!" said he.  Here, he skipped from his left leg on to his right.  "Regular rules!"  Here, he skipped from his right leg to his left.  "Come to the ground, and go through the preliminaries!"  Here, he dodged backwards and forwards, and did all sorts of things while I looked helplessly at him.

--Great Expectations, Charles Dickens

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