April 23rd poem

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Visit

I was drawing some doodles like cobra swans with purpose
and family members were in the other room observing Easter
with Yul Brynner.  Mom was saying things like, "I'd go to France
for a fruit tart like this.  Or just to the France at Epcot Center."
But the weather made us all morose for much of the day, except
for Bill, who walked around saying "Hola!" to people
in my neighborhood and cheering up the newstand guy
with his yellow tourist vest.  It may just be that certain days
my lymph nodes do a thing, or no one notices that my hair
looks good, or my mom keeps grabbing my hand saying,
"Put some cream on these.  You're just a baby.  I'm going
to paint your fingernails."  I'll be fine after I sit in this room
for a while and rest the left side of my throat.  You should
be so lucky.  Happy Easter!

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