April 7th poem

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Travel Day List

1.  Waking up sweaty at 4 a.m., having just dreamed some kind of poet version of Being John Malkovich.  Joanna Fuhrman was explaining to me that the taller you were, the more soul(s) would fit inside.

2.  Talked to a woman at my gate about why the Delta people seemed to hate their jobs.  One of those conversations that you enter into with someone, and you talk as if you are already acquainted.  By the time we boarded, we had covered the unequal distribution of wealth and the possible need for revolution.  Me and an upper middle-class looking Jewish woman about to board our flight for Boca.  Fellow travelers. 

3.  The Japanese couple taking a video of their tomato juice.  Maybe it was moving slightly in its cup?  Maybe they weren't Japanese. 

4.  The serious intelligent pale little face of the Russian kid in my row.   She kept looking over at me with interest, but then looked very mad and looked away when I tried to talk to her.   

5.  The lady in her silver shoes reading one of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books.  Her large felt bookmark said Teachers Help Color the World.  She was half of the non-Japanese couple.


  1. Anonymous11:49 PM

    Love the third part. Especially the last line.

  2. Loving these April poems. Totally.


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