April 28th poem

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Everything Dance

Everything's a little too stylized when you call it a dance
but the alternative is another conversation about my allergies.
According to their commercials, if I take the pills my neuro-
transmitters will do a sleek and elegant dance of light and quiet
victory.  I'll stand in the dance studio in the white-gray light wearing
a hoodie with other middle aged ladies wearing hoodies, stretching
gently to the side one time.  I'd rather stay on my regimen of coffee
and almond butter and fish oil every two weeks when I remember
to take it.  A mojito and fish tacos on a sunny day.  Three Reese's
eggs around Easter before I go off sugar again.  I'd rather start
writing down everything I eat and stop writing down everything
I eat and walk clear across Central Park 2.5 times ruining my ballet
flats I bought on credit at the Ann Taylor Loft three years ago.
This is my dance. 

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