Here is what I was thinking of

Monday, April 20, 2009

Here is what I was thinking of in the shower yesterday:  One time my college boyfriend, Jason, was driving me somewhere-- I don’t remember where, somewhere in Kansas City—and I said, “Do you ever start to feel like I’m just this carbon-based life form that you cart from place to place in the passenger seat of your car?  Do you ever think, ‘Here I am carting around this sack of protoplasm again?’”  And he said, “No.  I don’t know what you’re talking about.”  We dated for about three years.  

But Jason was a good guy, a quirky person in a lot of ways.  One of my favorite things he ever said was, “Wow.  We’re pulling out all the stops now.  Well, some of the stops.  I’d say we’re pulling out some of the stops.”  We were eating at the Perkins in Lawrence, Kansas at the time.    


  1. I am laughing and laughing. I have taken the Russian to Perkins twice--I will have to blog about it. The very mention of Perkins sends him into a panic. I remember Jason. How brave he was.

  2. Brave to go to Perkins--not brave to date you for 3 years! Although that wasn't exactly cowardly. Oh, and I do not see a picture yet.

  3. Thanks, ame. The thing I remember most about that Perkins is the HUGE American flag. Yes, aren't we all so brave in various ways? ha.


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