Saturday, April 25, 2009

4:40 p.m.:  Just before seeing the movie Adventureland, received gifts of two of his books from my new friend, American poet Todd Colby (after presumptuously hinting around that I would love to have them and does he have any extra copies, and "Oh, that's ok, I'll just buy them from Amazon . . .").

1 a.m.-ish:  Dropped one of the books on the foot of a young Asian woman after possibly being jostled by her on the subway platform.  We both looked surprised, then mildly annoyed, and both started to stoop down to retrieve the book.  Then I said, "Oh, I'm sorry!" and kind of laughed.  Then I bent down to pick up the book and she kind of laughed and kept on walking.  Then I thought, "Damn it, I bent the corner of my new book!" and spent some time compulsively smoothing the corner with my thumb before I started reading it again.  


  1. Oh many this seems like lots of possibilities. The real talk out loud stuff as you
    say lots that people say you should never say but you should, should.

    And on and on

    Never end much

    Yes all the very weird stuff you love so much

    As life on and on
    The Female
    The Other
    connection, connection, endless
    on and on

  2. Yeah, I guess. Wait, what?

  3. You GUESS?!?!!?! But it's silly sooth.


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