I received this handmade window in the mail

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"When I started writing, at sixteen, I had a couple of like-minded school friends. Sometimes, when the lessons seemed more than usually trying, we would pass notes to each other between our desks—poems and aphorisms, which would come back with the more or less enthusiastic comments of the recipient. What an impression those scribblings would make! There is the fundamental situation of poetry. The lesson of official life goes rumbling on. We send inspired notes to one another.”   
--Tomas Tranströmer


  1. Anonymous11:55 PM

    perhaps if I recall backwards again the events of my last and final astral projection and practice more the classification of things

    to classify a glowworm
    to classify a glowbird

    I have vain and unnecessary thoughts I have a little house in my hand that’s me I have afraid I love thy testimonies and I am afraid that’s me I did it I get into bed with my earplugs wonderful testimonies yes! and I am afraid

    my linear accomplice, where are you?

  2. thanks for that, sister anon. that's you. we are all in our beds with our earplugs in. we will provide testimonies for Each Other and Ourselves in our little largest house of heart named ethel, a flower. that's me.

  3. That's quite lovely.


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