Ten Weekend Highlights

Sunday, April 26, 2009

1.  Sitting in Riverside Park, looking at people and water. 
2.  Walking down Broadway twenty blocks while talking to Sara and Mandy on the phone about rituals and blunders, instead of getting on the subway.  
3.  Assignment from Sara.  Om surya-ya namaha. 
4.  Reading poems out loud with TC.
5.  Little girl on the subway resting the side of her body against mine without thinking about it.
6.  Listening to "Belles" by Vetiver on my way to brunch and suddenly feeling happy.  
7.  Reading Frank O'Hara on the subway and being glad to hear his voice.
8.  Mimosa.  
9.   Paula!  Prospect Park with Paula!  
10.  Journeying to Brooklyn three days in a row.  

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