Five Things You May Want to Consider

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

1.  As I write, the sky is fragile whole white, overcast.  Queer.  And crickets.  It's that weird pre-dusk/cloudy dim, and the prehistoric red Florida plant by the pool looks possessed of a new sort of will.   

2.  You may send a letter to a friend, explaining in great detail that you feel a certain way, but by the time you receive a response, you may only dimly remember having felt that way.  When it happens, you will seem like an ancestor to yourself.  A ghost, kind of. 

3.  Is there such a thing as a legitimate dancing baton?  A disco implement? 

4.  A person trained in seeing the crown of light, crown of petals coming off the human head might very well look at me and see a crown of wilted leaves, folded over themselves, covering my skull like a jaunty cap.  

5.  What do you think when you see this?:

I ____ ____ , but it's alright. 

Let's ____ ____ ____ , but don't be too _____ with the ______.

Please write and tell me you still remember the time _____ ______ ______ . 

I've been having unsettling dreams about _____ _____.  But if I can only remember _____ _____ _____ ______ _______.  


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  1. #2
    I've been there, been there. I may be there right now, for all I know.


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