Still in FL: Five for Sunday

Monday, June 01, 2009

1.  Those big plaster saints have hands like Barbies.  You can put things in their hands.  Like, Mercedes is justice or something, so she has little handcuffs.  

 2.  Fresh/fried, Boston-themed fish at the Cape Codder.  

3.  Pelican-- or was it a cormorant?-- diving straight down into the water, hunting.

4.  Small flock of smallish white and gray birds flying over the water fast.  Mind flashing a thought that was something like, "Shared consciousness."  Only putting words to the thought later.  

5.  Remember when you used to see cassette tapes on the side of the road that people would throw out of the car, and they would look all glittery in the sun? [hands moving to indicate broken tape spooling out like that] 


  1. What, pray tell, are Boston-themed fish? Are they garnished with Red Sox caps? Do they sass back in a wicked piss-ah accent?
    Yours truly,
    Margot Peppercorn from Allston
    ps-don't get too tan, missy.

  2. I know, right? They were all like, "Red Sox," "Sam Adams," "chowda." OK, no one said chowda.

    My version of tanned is still paler than most people, I guess.

    My brother and I listened to Lady Gaga and Gilberto Gil on the way to the beach, and I still have both in my head.


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