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Saturday, June 13, 2009

I keep looking through my filing cabinet, trying to find my birth certificate, which I know was in there.  I still haven't found it, but I did find my tenth grade school picture, and also some poems I wrote in 1996 or so.  (I was getting my Master's in Kansas and taking a poetry workshop with Luci Tapahonso.)

Here's part of a poem called "Three Days Before Halloween I Try to Remember the Natural World."  Featured in the poem is my cat Andy Garcia (a.k.a. Anderson) who was about two at this time, and who died last year at 14.  

In my dream, the trees' hurried talking goes on, 
shushing about what I need to know, 
making me one of them, taking away light.
It shivers up my chest, and the sidewalk runs me
up stairs, across a porch. 
Inside I tell my cat, "It's like a movie out there, Andy.
You know, like how they overdo the wind
when something's about to happen."

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